First Quarter Report Card (Infield)

First Quarter Report Card for Relief Pitchers and the grading scale can be found here.

First Quarter Report Card for Starting Pitchers can be found here.

First Quarter Report Card for the Outfield and Utility Players can be found here.


Victor Martinez

Player Runs Homeruns RBI SB OBP
V. Martinez 11 2 19 0 .269

All the pieces are here for a great season.  V-Mart is one of the top 25 active players in batting average (14th) and on-base percentage (25th).  His ability to make contact and get on base should be leading to huge counting stats since he is batting fifth in a stacked line-up.   Hunter, Miggy and the Fresh Prince of Com Air (ica) are all raking and have on-base percentages of .351, .455 and .401, respectively.  V-Mart’s issue appears to be two-fold: (i) his strikeout rate is almost 50% higher this season than in 2011 and (ii) he has been pretty unlucky—while his line drive rate is consistent with previous seasons, his BAbip (batting average on balls in play) of .241 is well below the league’s average range of .290 to .310.  While I am confident that the numbers will come around, only B.J. Upton, Josh Hamilton and Theon Greyjoy are having more painful seasons.

Game of Thrones season 3 episode 2 Theon Greyjoy

Adam Dunn

Player Runs Homeruns RBI SB OBP
A. Dunn 18 11 25 1 .268

Dunn’s counting stats put him on pace for a typical Season of Dunn: 72/44/100.  His on-base percentage, however, is an abomination.  Big Donkey led the majors in walks last year, but this season he’s morphed into Ray Charles.  He is sporting a career worst BB% of 10.1%, which in turn is leaving Dunn with an on-base percentage that is almost 10% below the OBP he sported during his lost year of 2011.  I also think I am a bit jaded here because I felt the sting of the Curse of the Dropped Donkey.  I was done with Dunn and sent him packing on May 11 after an 0-4 evening, with three Ks, against the Halos.  Over the next three games, he hit three jacks and knocked in six runs.  I picked him up as soon as he cleared waivers and apparently there were no hurt feeling as he promptly went yard in his first game back for the Killers.

Ben Zobrist

Player Runs Homeruns RBI SB OBP
B. Zobrist 23 3 27 3 .346

You can move along.  Not much to see here, folks.  The Zorilla is on pace for a 92/12/108/92/.348 line, which works for me.  Here’s hoping for just a bit more pop and speed.

Adrian Beltre

Player Runs Homeruns RBI SB OBP
A. Beltre 27 9 28 0 .333

Yo, Adrian, you are starting to do it!!  After a slow start, Beltre’s season has turned almost as quickly as Jamie Lannister likeability rating.  First, Beltre got himself off of the Mendoza Watch.  Now, the frustration and embarrassment that I felt in selecting Beltre over Wright (and Longoria) has slowly started to fade away (that said, I could really use Wright’s ten swipes).

Jimmy Rollins

Player Runs Homeruns RBI SB OBP
J. Rollins 18 3 17 4 .306

Pretty underwhelming start to the season for J-Roll.  In each of the past two years, he swiped exactly 30 bags.  And last year, he was only thrown out five times.  So far this season, he is three for five.  He is not the only guy in the Phils line-up who is struggling—as a team, much to the chagrin of Cole Hamels, the Phils are fourth from the bottom in runs scored.  What makes Rollins performance even more frustrating is that I decided to stick with him while opting not to pick Segura off of waivers (good thing I am not giving a grade to the Killers GM!).

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