The Legend of Kurt Warner

I have been aboard the Kurt Warner bandwagon ever since my favorite Hy-Vee shelf-stocker helped me win my first fantasy football crown in 1999. Warner added to his growing legend this past weekend with a boxscore for the ages: 29-33 for 379 yards, five TDs and no picks. More TDs than incompletions!!

Surprisingly, of the eight play-off games in which a QB has thrown for five or more TDs, three of those eight games (inclusive of Warner’s gem last night) saw the QB’s passes hit paydirt more often than the turf:

(1) Peyton Manning went 22-26 for 377 yards, five TDs and no picks in a rout against the Broncos in 2004 and (2) Daryle Lamonica passed for six TDs (which is tied atop the playoff record board with Steve Young’s performance in the 1995 Super Bowl against the widely overmatched Chargers)), while completing only 13 passes out of 17 attempts in a blowout against the Oilers in 1969.

The Mad Bomber and Warner are the only two players who have thrown for five or more TDs in a playoff game twice in a career. The year before Lamonica’s six TD outburst, he threw for five against KC even though he completed less than half of his pass attempts (19 for 39). Warner’s first five TD game occurred in Act 1 of his career, when he threw for five, going 27-33 for 391 yards against the Vikes in Warner’s fairy tale season of 1999.

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