We are the Champions!

Cue “One Shining Moment” and start the video montage containing the highlights and struggles of the Cereal Killers’ 2008-09 basketball season (complete with shots of intense pre-draft analysis, my draft day angst, the daily painstaking starting lineup decisions, me crossing my fingers that Camby will actually play and the triumphant last day on which the Killers held off a ferocious late season charge by the Hackers and Pigeons). The unimaginable just happened—no, I still can’t fit into my size 30 Levis (not even close)—after eight years of futility, the Cereal Killers won this season’s fantasy basketball league. I am often mocked for drafting a team full of geriatrics (this trend began back in the league’s inaugural season (2000-01) when I selected Patrick Ewing, John Stockton and The Dream (needless to say that season did not go too well)). This year’s draft was no different. My team was comprised of all-stars, unfortunately from the early 2000s. Of my ten draft day selections, nine debuted in the last millennium:

Kobe (96)
Nash (96)
Camby (96)
Jamison (98)
Carter (98)
Wallace (2001)
Kirilenko (99)
Miller (98)
Bibby (98)
Grant Hill (94)

Other than Camby missing 20 games, I was fortunate to have most of my starting line-up in place for the entire season. Most of the players performed close to or better than their draft positions. Jamison (picked 38th overall), Carter (43rd) and Wallace (58th) finished the season as the league’s 17th, 19th and 21st highest rated player, respectively. In addition to the contributions from the players listed above, two waiver wire pick ups, the Birdman and the Vanilla Gorilla Joel Przybilla (a former Gopher, I must add), helped rally the Killers up the leader board in blocked shots. Given this season’s successful formula, I may have to grab Mutombo (who will be 43 come opening day next season) and Sam Cassell (who will be turning 40 this year) next season.