Quick Hits

1. I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more Ku-Bell!!

More Cowbell

If Bruce Dickinson wants more Ku-Bell, we should probably give him more Ku-Bell!! Minnesota’s Jason Kubel hit for the cycle on April 18 against the Angels and cracked a grand slam in the process. He is the ninth Twin to accomplish the feat and is only the seventh player to hit a grand slam when hitting for the cycle (interestingly enough, six AL players have done so, but Bill Terry is the only member of the senior circuit to do it (and he did it back in 1928)).

2. What comes up must come down—just take a look at my 401(k), the value of Casa de Dave and the performance of my starting pitching (unfortunately, the only aspect of my life that is violating this apparent universal truth is my weight, which seems to be on an unsustainable upward trajectory). I had my own Black Tuesday this week as Kershaw got kershelled to the tune of six earned runs in 4.1 innings and Peavy didn’t fair much better, giving up six in six innings.

3. Cereal Killer Bobby Abreu has already stolen eight bases this season and has yet to get thrown out. Last year Werth and Pedroia went 20 for 21. Kevin McReynolds, who was successful on all 21 attempts in 1988, is the MLB season leader for most steals without getting caught. The AL leader is St. Paul, Minnesota native Paul Molitor who was successful on all 20 attempts in 1994. What is even more impressive was that Molitor was 38 at the time! Heck, at 34 I can barely tie my shoes without getting winded.

4. If Sheffield hits his 500th homerun and no one cares, does it really count? Sheffield became the 25th player to reach the milestone and the 10th player to do so in the past eleven years. Yawn.

5. Stat-o-the-Week. The most incredible stat of the season so far has to be a scary sight for any Yankees fan. Jayson Stark reported that Chien-Ming Wang has faced 45 batters this season and 30 have reached base!!

6. The betting line. 3.00—the over/under on Zach Greinke’s ERA for the season. Including tonight’s complete game gem, Greinke has now gone 29 innings without giving up an earned run (the Tigers scored their only run on a throwing error by KC’s shortstop). If Greinke pitches 191 more innings this season at roughly a 3.50 clip, he will end up around 3.00. I am taking the under on this one.

Cereal Killers Update (as of April 24): 77 points; 1.5 points behind Yo Mamma’s Uggla

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