No, this is not a forum where I comment on my favorite food (although I do have an opinion on just about every cereal out there—what is up with Grapenuts, it doesn’t even contain grapes or nuts!), rather this note is the first of what I hope will be an on-going series chronicling the fortunes (and, unfortunately, the much more common misfortunes) of my fantasy baseball, football and basketball teams, all of which are named the Cereal Killers. In addition, I will use this space to solicit guidance from all of you, offer my unsolicited advice and make inane comments about the world of sports.

Tonight I am going to focus on the current starting quarterback of my 6-4, fifth place (out of 12) football team. Thanks to Kurt Warner, I am partying like it is 1999—the year in which I won my league thanks primarily to my favorite former grocery stock boy’s breakout season. Going into yesterday’s Monday Night Football showdown between the Cardinals and the 49ers, I was down by almost 20 points, but with Warner, Hightower and Rackers playing, I ended up winning by more than ten. By the way, has anyone else noticed that ever since NBC began broadcasting Sunday Night Football in 2006, the Monday night match-ups have been less than intriguing—I mean I can’t wait to down copious amounts of Jolt cola next Monday night so that I can try to stay awake until midnight to catch the conclusion of the most recent clash in the storied Cleveland-Buffalo rivalry. I guess Monday Night Football has become the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, while Sunday Night Football is Letterman. Anyway, Warner had another huge line—328 yards, three TDs and no interceptions. In his last 16 games spanning the 2007 and 2008 seasons he has thrown 40 touchdowns. He is currently the number one ranked player according to Yahoo’s player ranking. It is great to see, and benefit from, a nice guy finishing first.

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