The Big Showdown

Every team has that one game that it circles on its schedule. These rivalry games sell out regardless of whether the teams are any good that season; a win can make a whole season and save a coach’s job. There have been many storied rivalries in my sports world over the years: Gophers-Badgers for Paul’s Ax, Vikings-Packers, Steelers-Cowboys, Yankees-Red Sox, Hulk Hogan-Nick Bockwinkel (old school, AWA-style) and, of course, Oakland Junior High-Stillwater Junior High (Go Raiders!!). This weekend will host the latest installment of the fierce inter-office, cross-hall rivalry between my Cereal Killers and The General’s Underaged Olympians. I’m not sure why or exactly when The General became public enemy number one. The General and I have worked together for almost five years, we take the same train into work, try to coordinate our trips home and have met each other’s family. I consider The General to be a good friend. That said, I would rather go 1-12 and beat him than make the play-offs and lose to his team. I often make side bets on many head-to-head fantasy football match-ups, but there is never any need to up the ante with The General. A win over him will not be any sweeter if it is accompanied by a free lunch from the Halal Chicken Truck on the corner of Wall and Pearl (for some reason, food normally tastes better if it is eaten in a stadium, outside, with friends, handed to you be someone who does not speak English or is bought from a location that can be moved at a moment’s notice). This year, the match-up comes at pivotal point in both of our seasons. I am 6-4 and am in 5th place and The General is 5-5 and is in 7th place (top 6 after Week 13 make the play-offs). The tie-breaker is point scored—I have 909.57 to his 905.05. He is catching me with Clinton Portis on the shelf. The Yahoo! projected outcome slightly favors the Underaged Olympians, although Welker scored 4.76 more points on Thursday night than projected:

Cereal Killers Projected Total Underaged Olympians Projected Total
Warner 18.9 Rivers 13.73
Jamal Lewis 12.68 Turner 16.88
Hightower 15.08 Barber 13.27
Welker 7.79 Evans 11.10
S. Holmes 6.88 Driver 9.32
Muhammad 8.44 Jenkins 10.13
Shockey 6.55 Carlson 8.30
Rackers 8.24 Gould 7.98
Miami 6.73 Chicago 5.30
TOTAL 90.58 95.98

I just hope that if I am losing badly going into Monday’s game, L and Lil’ E don’t start the “FIRE DADDY” chant in the family room.

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