Already this year, the NBA has provided some amazing statistical performances (Amare’s 49 points on 17-21 from the field and 15-15 from the line and Parker’s 55 points/10 dimes). Last night, Dwight Howard had his first career triple double and it was of the rarer point/rebound/block variety. Howard’s line: 30 points/19 boards/10 blocks. This was the first P/R/B triple double that included 30 or more points since The Dream notched one during the 95-96 season. As amazing as Howard’s game was, it is not the most impressive game in the Magic’s short franchise history–that has to belong to Shaq, who in a game in the 93-94 campaign recorded 24 points/28(!) rebounds/15(!) blocks. It is sometimes hard to remember how dominant Shaq was after watching him struggle up and down the court last year in Phoenix’s run-and-gun offense (he and his cardiologist must have been the most excited, and relieved, people in Phoenix when D’Antoni left).


What I would like to see this season is a quadruple double (double figures in at least four of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals), which, much to my surprise, has actually occurred four times–the most recent during the 93-94 season by David Robinson (it should be noted that blocks and steals became official stats in 73-74–who knows how many times Wilt and Russell may have done it (I’m sure Wilt must have done it at least 20,000 times)). Another stat that is rarely seen is the 5 x 5 or High Five (at least five points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals). In this decade, the 5 x 5 has occurred, appropriately enough, only five times and Andrei Kirilenko (a proud member of this season’s edition of the Cereal Killers) accounts for three of those, including a 6 x 5.

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