Better Lucky Than Good

Yes, I am THAT guy in my fantasy football league this year. You know the one—his team and cumulative point totals are mediocre, yet he still seems to win games (I should note that there is a big difference between “THAT guy” and “THAT *&$^@!! guy,” who has absolutely no business being anywhere near the play-offs but somehow sneaks in). With one regular season game remaining, I have the sixth highest point total (out of twelve teams) but have already secured a play-off spot with an 8-4 record (and still have a chance to get a first week bye in the play-offs). Last week, I was the fourth lowest scoring team, but, thankfully, played the third lowest scoring team. In week 11’s big showdown with The General, I was also the fourth lowest scoring team but The General’s crew was the lowest scoring squad that week. It must be karma, because after week 8, I was 4-4, and had lost games by 1.56, 3.66 and 3.69 points, respectively. As fortunate as I have been the past two weeks, I would be in second place (and in the driver’s seat for a first round bye) if not for the most remarkable ending to a fantasy football match-up I have ever witnessed. In week 8, the Newcomers were beating the Slammers by 22.5 points heading into the Monday night game between the Colts and the Titans and the Slammers had Dominic Rhodes and Kerry Collins still left to play. With under two minutes left in the game and the Slammers down by less than half a point, Rhodes got the ball and gained five yards and on the next play he went for one more, where he was stopped on the one yard line (Manning scored on a quarterback sneak on the next play). The Slammers had the win, leading 88.37 to 88.25, but then the unthinkable happened: Kerry Collins took a knee, not once, but twice, losing two rushing yards and .2 fantasy points. Final score: Newcomers: 88.25, Slammers: 88.17. Unbelievable.

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